Mabel First Lutheran Church


Stated in the Mabel First Lutheran Church Constitution: “All power in the Church belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, its head. All actions of this congregation are to be carried out under his rule and authority” (C3.01). As baptized and confirmed members of the body of Christ, we believe that God is the highest authority and the One from whom all good governance is properly founded. We further believe, “The Church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming, and sanctifying activity in the world” (C4.01). The organizational structure of our congregation, which is outlined below, enables all congregation members to individually and corporately participate in God’s mission: 

Congregation Members
Baptism is the basis for membership in the congregation and, ultimately, the one holy catholic and apostolic church. Baptized persons proceed to become confirmed members once they come to an age of reason where they may be instructed in the Christian and express a desire to make a public profession of the Christian faith. Once confirmed, they become voting members of the congregation. A legally called and conducted meeting of the congregation constitutes the highest authority of governance within the congregation.

Congregation Council

The Congregation Council has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation. The council consists of the pastor and nine to twelve members of the congregation. Called to function as the board of directors, they are responsible for maintaining and protecting the property of the congregation as well as managing its business and fiscal affairs. Called to function as leaders for the people of God, they are responsible for working with the pastor to carry out the mission of Christ in the congregation, the wider church, the community, and the whole world.

Congregation Committees
Committees perform continuing functions in the congregation. They are appointed annually by the Congregation Council and a council member serves as chairman for each committee. The following are standing committees: Endowment; Memorial; Nominating; Steam Engine Days; Worship & Music; Youth & Education.